Handmade Moccasins, Customized to Fit YOU!

Woodland Center SeamBlack elk upper and smoke elk collar. This one's called the Black and Tan!
Creek, with LaceSaddle upper with Chocolate brown lining and laces.
Choctaw, SummerTobacco elk upper with matching lining and lace. Buffalo toe plug.

Center Seam BootGold knee high boot with matching
Creek, without LaceBlack upper and lining with custom
black sharkskin toe plug.
Choctaw, WinterCream upper with wool toe plug and sheepskin lining.

Three Basic Styles, Endless Variations

Woodland Moccasins are available in three basic styles, in a wide array of colors with unique design options to fit any foot and personality. Designer Fred Jakobson emulates North American Woodland Indian center seam moccasins for an authentic and comfortable custom-made shoe. The center seam's upper collar can be any size, from a folding collar to a knee-high boot. Other designs incorporate a more modern look, without sacrificing comfort or quality. The Creek fits like a modern slip-on loafer, the Choctaw fits like an ankle-high boot.

Elk hide upper, butter-soft deer skin lining and rugged boarhide sole mean a comfortable fit and long-wearing shoe. The Creek and Choctaw may be ordered with custom toe plugs like buffalo, alligator, shark or sting ray. Order sole and arch supports on any style to cushion your feet!

How to Guarantee the Perfect Fit

Measuring your foot correctly is critical to a perfectly fitting moccasin. We will be attending several rendevous and other events this year, and will be taking orders as well as delivering orders placed in advance. Please see the directions on drawing and measuring your foot for moccasins (click here for directions).


Woodland Moccasins may be available at a rendevouz in the Southeast US in 2014. Order in advance to pick up your moccasins there, or have your foot measured for a moccasin order.

Order by at least 6 weeks in advance to ensure delivery! We will ship pre-paid orders or deliver at events we attend!

Woodland Moccasins will be available at the Alafia River Rendezvous 2015.

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Save up to $15.00!
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